On this morning of August 4th, Charles Collin and his dog Junior are taking their first steps en route to Edmundston, from their starting point in Tracadie-Sheila. The start date of this 500km walk was initially planned for August 7th, but in order to make it in time, Mr. Collin & Junior will hit the road a few days earlier.

The two companions will walk 500km to reach their final destination on the Madawaska Maliseet First Nation, bringing only the bare necessities. They are expected to arrive August 23rd or 24th. The exact location and arrival date are to be determined.

During the past couple of weeks, many generous donations have been received, and Junior paws have been sold throughout many local businesses in hopes of raising funds for the construction of the Refuge Madawaska Shelter Inc. The total amount raised will be announced on the arrival date.

For those who wish to follow Charles and Junior’s journey can do so by liking the following Facebook page: facebook.com/charlesetjunior.