General Procedures

All those wishing to adopt, must fill out an adoption form and be approved. No exceptions. This may take a few days. We will not hold a certain animal. This is unfair to the animal, as they deserve a new home as soon as possible. Approval for adoption does not necessarily mean you are approved for the animal of your choice.  We try to match each animal with it new owners based on a number of criteria (behavior, activity level, temperament, etc.)  The Refuge Madawaska Shelter reserves the right to refuse any application if it feels it is not in the dog’s best interest.

Adoption fees

Prices for both cats and dogs include:

  • spay/neuter
  • microchip
  • first vaccination
  • deworming
  • ear cleaning
  • parasites treatment
  • Dogs

Adults: $350 (cash only)

Puppies (unable to be spayed/neutered): $425, then get $125 back once we receive proof of spaying/neutering.

  • Cats

Adults: $200 (cash only)

Kittens (unable to be spayed/neutered): $225, the get $75 back once we receive proof of spaying/neutering.

  • Other

Please contact us for costs for little animals, rodants, and exotic animals.


Please contact the Shelter for pricing on litter surrenders. Please note that although we have fees, we cannot guarantee we will take your animal. The Board of Directors will evaluate each case individually.

You are welcome to advertise your animal on our website, but only if it is given away. Please send us your picture via our Facebook page.