The Madawaska Shelter was created due to an urgent need to help the animals in the northwestern New Brunswick region. In fact, no shelter was established in the region despite the large amount of abandoned, strays, neglected or abused animals and the number of euthanasia without any medical reasons. The administrative committee of the Madawaska Shelter joined their efforts and expertise to help.

The committee first began to work under the name of Virtual Refuge Madawaska County through the popular social network of Facebook, March 6, 2012. They immediately had a great success. On August 10, 2012, the organization was incorporated under the current name, the Madawaska Shelter Inc. Since its opening, the shelter was able to find permanent families to more than 400 animals! Thanks to the great generosity of the residents and companies in the community and to the incredible determination of its volunteers, the Madawaska Shelter continues to provide help to the animals of the region.

Our Mission

Help the animals, help the community.

Our mission is to give a second chance at life to the neglected and abandoned dogs and cats. Our organization goes beyond common expectations of a refuge, by building a large network of competent, experienced, talented and caring team. Our organization and our volunteers are dedicated to rescue, treat and help find loving and permanent homes for the animals of the Madawaska Shelter. Our priority is also to educate the population about the importance of respect on all animals and about the needs of their own pets, including the importance of vaccination and sterilization to help reduce the number of euthanized animals. We want to raise awareness in the community about the issues affecting animals of the region, and by making the community active in resolving these problems.

1080431_10151743307960502_1278516470_nOur Values

We do our very best to treat each individual, including animals, with respect, compassion and dignity. In partnership with those who share our respect for animals, we can accomplish many things. With courage and compassion, knowledge and wisdom, we are showing leadership for the protection and promotion of the welfare of animals. We believe that the welfare of animals is not only our responsibility, but that it is with education and other initiatives that we can promote the importance of these responsibilities to the rest of the community. As an organization serving the public, we need to earn their trust. It is because of them that we are successful.

Our vision

Our vision is to find a place where these strays, neglected and abandoned animals find temporary a comforting home, waiting to be placed permanently with their families. We want to raise awareness and educate the public about the problems of overcrowding, bad behavior, and also about all the benefits and the importance of a good physical and mental health of their pets.